Stadt-Heidentum-lonely Wolf

Stadt-Heidentum-lonely Wolf

Keep the streets empty for me…

 Memory comes when memory`s old

I am never the first to know

Following the stream up north

Where do people like us float

There is room in my lap

For bruises, asses, handclaps

I will never disappear

For ever I`ll be here


Morning, keep the streets empty for me

I´m laying down, eating snow

My fur is hot, my tongue is cold

On a bed of spider web

I think of how to change myself

A lot of hope in a one man tent

There`s no room for innocence

So take me home before the storm

Velvet mites will keep us warm


Morning, keep the streets empty for me

Uncover our heads and reveal our souls

We were hungry before we were born

Hhmmm… Ich mag dieses „lonely wolf feeling“ … Allein sein und zu wissen dennoch oder gerade deshalb alles in einem zu sein… keine Angst… ich bin ein geselliger Einzelgänger… aber auf jeden Fall kein Cliquengänger 😉

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