The paths of the gods

The six paths of
the six paths of
the Gods…
which one choose you…?
Life, Light, Love
Life, Love, Light
Light, Love, Life
Light, Life, Love
Love, Light, Life
Love, Life, Light
it`s up to you…!
GlckPetra-MariaOechsner.jpg picture by HavenWhite
Bild: „Glück“ von Petra-Maria Oechsner


  1. Love, Light, Life!!! ‚cos i believe that everything’s unto destination, dearKlaus:LOVE—unto us all, as we shall have grief and happinessLIGHT—upon the truth, lies and doubt about who and what we are and where, when we are going.LIFE—so as the answers we seek are not always in plain sight, but sometimes within they are closer than we imagine; and with one small act of kindness we can un-selfishly make ourself feel better while doing the same for another.p.S:i feel that if we pay attention to the little details that go on in and around one’s Life and these small kind acts one preforms and soon one will see that one’s life has a grander meaning. maybe not exactly to you but in some lucky stranger’s life who may one day repay you through an act they preformed to someone else 😀

  2. IF "Love, Light, Life -is initiation path of the Holy Grail…" what are the rest of the choices? btw, i love that lady bird 😉

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