Wild Raspberries

dedicated to A. from Es.
Wild Raspberries
A bee buzzing by
And told me to follow
He said: "Just look at all these berries
Theres more than you can swollow."
Raspberries, so swollen and ripe
Like picking candy, off the vine
Buckets and buckets full
I`m so glad they`re mine.
I keep picking and picking
And easily off they slide
I can never get enough
Over my lips, they glide
My ruby red mouth
Will be stained for days
The way my teeth hide the seeds
I`m totally amazed!
Oh raspberry you`re beautiful
Red nectar of the season
I think you know…
You give life a reason!
posted by Iroconnel everypoet.net
three-raspberries-636.jpg picture by HavenWhite

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