Now I understand…

Now I understand…
Woman has Man in it
Mrs. has Mr. in it
Female has Male in it
She has He in it
Madame has Adam in it
No wonder MEN always
wanted to be inside WOMEN
Okay, okay, it all make sense now…
I never looked at it this way before
Ever notice how all of women`s
problems start with MEN?
MENtal illness
MENstrual cramps
When women has REAL trouble
it`s a HISterectomy.
Now tell me,
who really was taken from the rib?
AdamAndEveArgue.jpg picture by HavenWhite


  1. Wow I like this poem. You gave me something to laugh of and something to think about. Hope that everything is alright with you and wish you anice week. Love from Unni

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